The Effect of Burials on the Environment is Greater Than You Believe

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Effect of Burials on the Environment is Enough to Turn You Green

Joe Romain knows how to paint a nostalgic picture of Sunday afternoon family bliss: Mom and Dad would pack a cooler filled with prosciutto, provolone and Italian beef sandwiches and off the family would go, with a load of toys and sporting goods in tow.

Other family members would be waiting for them, eager to play catch and to catch up on the week’s events. Sometimes, they would savor grilled, herbed tomatoes sprinkled with mozzarella cheese—if only forgetful Uncle John remembered his portable grill.

By sundown, and after passing around several carafes of red wine, the adults would be stifling the giggles as they rolled up blankets and extinguished the coals, for one solemn gesture remained: they would kneel and say a… read more at eMorial Planner Funeral Planning Website.