Baby Boomers Set their Sights on Distant Memorials

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Ed vividly remembers the day he saw the invitation sitting by the phone, his eyes riveted to the words, “Come celebrate with us at our destination wedding.”

Destination wedding? he thought. Don’t all weddings involve a destination, such as to a church and reception hall?

This invitation, from a great-niece, required a bit more mileage: to Mexico, which Ed thought was certainly some sort of joke.

So you can imagine Ed’s surprise when the term “destination burial” first floated past his ears. Not only does he think his wife’s friends are bluffing, but he tosses a ten-dollar bill in the middle of the table. Grabbing a phone book, he opens it to “F” and places a wager: call five funeral homes and ask them; go ahead and ask if they’ve ever heard the term. Maybe then he won’t feel as though he is being set up for a punch line, a folly for another good-natured joke.

The first funeral home answers and promptly puts the call on hold. The second funeral home promises to put the call through to the director—but didn’t specify whether it would happen on the same day. As the minutes tick by on hold, other cell phones are called into action. Time’s a wastin’ when there’s ten dollars on the table... Read more about this eMorial Funeral Planning story