Plan Ahead For Your Kids

Monday, October 14, 2013

I visited recently because I realized that when I pass, I have no funeral plan for my family. I have always been the kind of mother who took care of everything, (like all mothers) and realized that if I was to pass suddenly, there is zero plan or idea of what I would want. By visiting, I began to understand that I can do anything, if I plan ahead. I read stories about people being cremated and sprinkled at their favorite places, people being turned into jewelry and even coolest, and some people being sent to space.
I sat down one night and began thinking hard about who I was and what moments in life encapsulate who I am. I realized my greatest joy was my family and the time we spend together. When my kids were younger, we would always take vacations as a family. We would go on cruises, Disney world, road trips, etc. I knew when I created my plan; it had to be for them, something to remember Mom, not just a sad moment in their lives, at least I hope sad. They always kid with me that when I pass, they are burying me in the backyard and having a party. Aren’t my kids wonderful? J
I made my perfect plan; I would use to purchase a life insurance policy to cover the cost of sending my kids and hopefully by that point, my grandkids on a trip of their choosing, and spread my ashes at the location. I knew that my passing should be a celebration of life and family, not a sad day of crying and bereavement.